Do you want cash or crypto for your data?

Royalty is the Extension for That

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We directly connect you with opportunities to monetize your data.

Here's how Royalty works

You are presented with data sharing opportunities from Third Parties (businesses or organizations).

    Each will include.

  • The name of the third party offering the data sharing opportunity.
  • The purpose of the data-sharing project.
  • What data you are being requested to share.
  • The time period for which your data will be tracked.
  • The fee you will be paid for your data.
See our FAQ for information on potential types of data-sharing requests and agreements.

Pick and Choose

  • You consent to any data-sharing opportunities you want to participate in.

Via Royalty, your data is shared

Royalty facilitates the sharing of your data with each third party you consent to as per the conditions of each agreement. Your data is protected through encryption - and your data is anonymized, meaning Royalty shields your identity from the third-parties that track your data.

For your protection, Royalty generates passphrases and private keys locally on your device for you to manage. We have zero access to your most sensitive data without your permission.

    Safety Rules to secure your protection:

  1. Keep private keys safe. Never share with others.
  2. Never give someone your secret passphrase.
  3. Our team will never ask you for your private key, passphrase, or money.
See our FAQ for more information on how you and your data are protected and secured.

Get Paid

  • When an agreement is completed, Royalty disables your data-sharing with the third party, and your Royalty account is paid accordingly in cash or crypto, as per your preference.
Our terms of use do not allow the business to resell your data, so you retain ownership of your personal information.

How to Start

We are building our list of “data-partners” - 😊 that’s you! - in preparation for the beta testing of our Royalty extension.

The earlier you join our email list or Discord (group chat), the more you will benefit including:

  • Exclusive testing of our Royalty extension.
  • Advanced access to data-sharing opportunities.
  • A larger percentage of data-sharing earnings as you refer others to sign up for Royalty.

Signing Up

The information you provide is just between you and Royalty. We will not share your email address and your data-sharing identity will appear anonymous.

We will only communicate with you to:

  • Welcome you to the Royalty community.
  • Provide info or updates on the Royalty extension.
  • Advise you when the Royalty extension is launched and ready for you to register.

Everyone is invited to join our email list, however only those age 18 and over will be able to register for Royalty.